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Shaun, Jack of All Trades, Master of None

October 07, 2022 Marcus Perleberg Season 3 Episode 33
MVP Real Estate Podcast
Shaun, Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Show Notes

Join us as Marcus Perleberg and Natasha Wedl chat with Shaun Marin of Watson Buys.  Shaun is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, master of none.  But I don't think that is quite true.  He has made quite a name in the real estate market.  Listen in this week to find out just a few of the things that he has "tried to master".

Hi, I’m Shaun. Sometimes I’m the goofy glasses guy. On the left is a younger photo of me. Before I needed the goofball glasses.
I was born in New Zealand and yes New Zealand does have dragons that cry jelly bean tears of joy. New Zealand is a wonderful place.
I first came to the States 20 years ago after my first year of University. I took a semester off and worked on a ski resort (Keystone) in Colorado. I fell in love with the country. I fell in love because the U.S is also a wonderful place full of great people and places.
After finishing the Colorado winter I returned to New Zealand to continue my education. At the end of each school year, I traveled back to America for another ski season.
After 6 years in college, I graduated from Auckland University as a Physical Therapist. I chose Physical Therapy because I have always enjoyed helping people. After graduating I worked in New Zealand for 3 years in schools and private practice. It was a great time but I missed Denver and the Colorado Rockies. So… I gave notice and headed back to the land of opportunity. This time I moved to Vail, Colorado.

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