MVP Real Estate Podcast

Social Media Geek Out Session

September 30, 2022 Marcus Perleberg Season 3 Episode 32
MVP Real Estate Podcast
Social Media Geek Out Session
Show Notes

This week Marcus Perleberg and Natasha Wedl dive into the discussion of Social Media with Teah Hopper, a social media strategist.  She really helps nail down your brands vision and how it needs to come across on social media - Listen in to see if you can take away any of her advice!

"I love people. I always have. I also love technology, which is why I’m passionate about social media.

Since I’ll be encouraging you to tell your story, I feel it’s equally important to know mine. I am a wife, a mommy, a child of God, a social media maven and a wellness enthusiast.

Why I Do What I Do
To empower simplicity in both social media and in life so that you can grow your business and live the life you want, dream and desire. To help you craft and tell your story to the right people in the right place.

A Bit More About Me
I’ve spent 10+ years in the digital marketing and communication space before figuring out that social media was “my thing.” I’ve had some great jobs and worked with some amazing people. While working full-time as a VP of Marketing & Communications I started getting requests from former colleagues to help their current company with social media. My little “side business” quickly grew into what is today - Teah Hopper Consulting. When I became pregnant with my first child Myra, I knew I wanted to go “all in.” I am not only passionate about the work I do and the people I get to work with, I am beyond grateful that it allows me to live my absolute best life.

My background and experience in branding, digital marketing and communications has equipped me to help businesses and entrepreneurs discover their unique story and simplify their social media through a strategic approach so that  they can find joy in social media again, get their time back, and live the life they desire.  We are making the world a better place by doing so - one newsfeed at a time!"