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What You Need To Know About Real Estate Marketing

June 03, 2022 Marcus Perleberg Season 3 Episode 20
MVP Real Estate Podcast
What You Need To Know About Real Estate Marketing
Show Notes

Marcus Perleberg and Natasha Wedl sit down and chat with Ryan Waller, a Canadian-based real estate agent who prior to real estate had a long professional career in corporate marketing.

Beth and Ryan Waller are long-time Guelphites- Ryan grew up in the Willow West area and Beth from the Kortright Hills area.

After post-secondary school and in their younger years, Beth and Ryan left Guelph to grow their professional careers in Toronto, Vancouver, and London, Ontario. After starting to raise a family, they realized their tiny Toronto condo just wouldn’t do- so they sold it and moved back to Guelph! They now have three daughters.

Ryan transitioned into real estate in 2015 after a successful 20yr corporate ad agency/ marketing/sales background, including as a member of the Sales Leadership team for Nestle and Kimberly-Clark.

Beth had a successful corporate career in dental sales and the publishing industry. After many years at home with their children, she joined Ryan in 2018.

Jesse joined the team in 2021. With a diverse background in marketing and sales (and cooking and sports!), Jesse offers many skillsets to clients for real estate, including an impressive recent successful house hack.

The Beth and Ryan Real Estate Team are considered market authorities in Guelph. They have been monthly real estate writers for Guelph’s main news publication, GuelphToday since June 2018 with exclusive rights to data insights and trends.

They’re often called on by media for input into the Guelph real estate market, including the Financial Post, a feature on the CBC, Toronto Storeys, and more.

Beth and Ryan are down-to-earth, get it done, ethical and professional, yet tough negotiators Guelph real estate agents for their clients.
Phone: (519) 546-3390
Address: 1- 5 Edinburgh Rd S, Guelph, ON N1H 5N8